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Pinnacle Sports Return To The UK

***Update*** The latest we have heard from Pinnacle Sports is in response to a request from one of our former Pinnacle players. Here’s what he was told when he followed up on our article about Pinnacle Returning to The UK.

“ fully intends to apply for a UK Gaming Licence and return to the market by 2017.  As soon as we have successfully received our UK Gambling Licence we will launch a full marketing campaign and all existing customer accounts will be reinstated”

Pinnacle Sports – the world’s largest online Bookmaker (Sportsbook) is coming to the UK in October – update –  better make that December then!

UK customers can now sign up to our special notification list and the chance to be awarded a £50 freebet when they join Pinnacle Sports when UK customers are once again accepted sometime during October this year. We’ll be notified of the exact date that UK players can join Pinnacle and if you’re on our list, you’ll be emailed immediately the Pinnacle doors are open to UK customers.

For those of you that don’t know the history, when the UK recently changed its online gaming laws, Pinnacle sports was in the middle of their own restructuring and they took the decision to concentrate on other markets where they already had a huge reputation and customer base.

Following the acquisition of the company by undisclosed buyers, the decision has been taken at Pinnacle to return to the UK market. As Pinnacle has been such a major player in the Online Sports Betting Industry for many years, you can be sure that this will cause a major shake up amongst the established bookmakers already licensed to operate within the UK. We’re absolutely sure that there will be a lot of sportsbook bonuses coming out to try to compete with the superb odds and no frills aproach that Pinnacle Sports have to the business. It’s going to be Bonus Bonanza time in October thanks to Pinnacle Sports Return.


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