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Cash Out betting example Hungarian Grand Prix:
Just as an example of how things can work out with the great cash out option offered by BET365, here’s how the situation developed on Sunday.  Having seen that Nico Rosberg took pole in Hungary, most likely because Lewis Hamilton was prevented from putting in a representative final lap in the final part of Q3 qualifying, it made sense that the odds on Lewis winning were a little better than they would have been, had he taken pole. Hungary is a track enjoyed by the drivers, but with a reputation nowadays in the days of DRS and high downforce aero packages, for being more difficult than others to overtake, so pole is hugely important.

Nevertheless, our pre start bet was on Lewis. Now, I don’t like the uncertainty of betting on F1 now that team orders are allowed, plus in 2 hours racing a lot can happen, the Mercedes haven’t been so bullet proof this season as they had been, so I had a plan…..

I’d got £100 on Lewis at slightly better than evens and was due to collect £223 if he were to win. My plan was pretty simple, if he managed to overtake and stay out of DRS range in the opening 5 or so laps, I’d take a serious look at the cash out and go off down the pub on my winnings. Well of course Lewis overtook right at the start and the cash out option at BET365 immediately jumped to £170.

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I had a couple of seconds’ anguish over whether to cash out, but as I have a standing rule that if my cash out is better than half my stake, unless it’s madness to cash out, (i.e. it’s the last lap and Lewis is 30 seconds ahead) I took it. As it turned out, the race at the front turned out to be pretty boring and he didn’t really look to be threatened and with hindsight cashing out cost me, however, my money was only at risk for a matter of minutes while he took the lead and stayed there and now I have an extra £70 (less pub expenses) in my balance for the sake of about 8 minutes “work”.

Not quite an ideal wager, but definitely a risk minimising strategy.

How do you use cash out?

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