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If you’re looking for the IdealWager Forum, it’s probably because you need support or help with a sportsbook, casino or bookmaker. It may also be because you are looking for the very latest sportsbook bonus offers.

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We tried for years to keep the idealwager forum clear of spammers and hackers, but without full time moderation, the task became too time consuming and diverted us away from our primary activities – finding the most reliable bookmakers online, locating their best bonus offers, helping our members with specific queries and issues they came to us with, concerning the online sports betting world.

We were ending up deleting spam messages and links for hours on end.

We’ve now decided that we should let someone else take care of spam and hacking issues and we’ve decided to launch a private facebook page for our members. It’s intended to be a place where you can go to find the latest sportsbook offers as well as tell other members about offers you have found, which we may have missed. With so many bookmakers, so many sports and so many nations competing in all these sports, it’s difficult to keep track without some help.

>>>Click Here<<< to visit our Facebook page.

The Facebook page will, we hope become a “go to” resource for all of us, as well as being the place to post questions, queries and suggestions for improvements to the IdealWager site.

See you inside!


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