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So what is an ideal wager? Well, you might think it’s a wager or bet that you can’t lose and to some extent it is, but that’s not quite ideal is it? No, our version of an ideal wager is one where not only can you NOT LOSE, but in addition, you MUST WIN!

There are always “ideal wagers” about and the Euros 2016 have been a happy hunting ground so far this year. BET365 has been running a fabulous promotion – so far on the England games.

To give an example – now sadly played and gone for ever – as far as England are concerned –  you place a pre-match bet on the England game and then an in play bet. If the in play bet (up to a maximum of £50) loses, BET365 refund your bet. So, there’s the “can’t lose” element of this Ideal Wager.

To continue the example, For the England Wales game, an ideal wager looked like this:

Pre-match bet 1 placed for £50 on England at 4/7 – returning £78.57 (Profit £28.57). The in play bet on “Wales or a draw” to be placed IMMEDIATELY play starts (currently at 7/5) will give you £120 (profit £20). Your first in-play bet up to £50 is refunded if it loses. Therefore if the in-play bet loses, you win £28.57. If the in play bet wins, you win £120 (but
staked a total of £100) so profit £20.

Of course, if you felt strongly England would win, you could skew your bet in favour of an England win, but to have a zero return if the in-play bet won. So in the above example
you’d bet £70 pre-match to yield a £40 profit on an England win, and your £50 in play bet would cover the £120 total stake. Of course, then you are gambling…… but with their money!


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